Course Facilitators

Nicolene Gopal is a radiation therapist by profession with 8 years of experience. She completed her National Diploma in Radiotherapy in 2011 and completed her bachelor degree of Technology in 2018. She has worked in the private sector and is currently serving the government health sector. 
She possesses in-depth knowledge of principles, methods and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Nicolene is a resourceful and enthusiastic radiation therapist who communicates well and is dedicated to improving the well-being of patients.  As a Facilitator for Resilient Health, Nicolene advocates lifestyle changes as the first and primary step to improve the quality of life.
Dr Robin Ramroop is passionate about holistic healing of people and is a advocate of hope and healing.  
He received a Bachelor’s in Arts in Theology from Asia-Pacific International University in 2011.  In 2016 he and his family moved back to the Philippines for him to pursue a degree in Medicine and he graduated in 2020.
Dr Paul Charles is the Author of Resilient Health and Equilibrium and one year later it was the very principles taught in Resilient Health, by God’s Grace, that helped him recover from Covid-19 without any side effects or long-term related complications. He is passionate about helping people realise that good health is within their grasp. As a minister, he buried many people and after praying for healing for people for more than two decades, he realised that most sickness and disease could have been avoided if simple and practical health principles were consistently observed. He believes that 90% of the deaths and diseases he witnessed in his life could have been avoided.