Food is Good but Fat is Not …

When I was poor, I mean very poor – we used to eat whatever people gave us. And when we saw food, especially at church meetings, we ate more than necessary because we did not know when our next meal would be. We were not just poor, we were also unhealthy and had a poverty mindset: over-indulging because of a scarcity mindset. Sometimes, people gave us the skin and fat from chicken to fry and it was delicious, no doubt.
They ate the meat and gave us the skin. We used the fat to cook our food and ate the crispy fried chicken skin. Until, I realised that “fat” is not good. If it is not good to be “fat” then it should be even even worse to eat fat. Think about it: how can I hope not to be fat – if I am eating fat? Our body is made up of what we eat, to a very ‘large’ extent.
When I realised this logical conclusion – I began to research and every body of research confirms that fatty foods, high in cholesterol should be avoided – even if they are tasty.
Paul Charles