Corona Virus Prevention (CVP) Strategy – Part Four – SUNSHINE BENEFITS THE BODY, BRAIN AND OVERALL WELL-BEING with Leandra Macy Charles

If you want a good body – nourish it with sunshine. If you want a good brain – let the sunshine in. Think about it this way, if you have enough Sunlight, you will have enough serotonin and if you have enough serotonin, you will get along better with people because serotonin keeps you in a good mood and helps you to focus.

So please get outside and GET SOME SUN… whatever you do, please DON’T stay locked up inside your house…that’s the WORST thing you can do for your immune system right now. You need to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine (while still staying away from crowds). Getting sun on your skin is the single biggest thing you can do to boost your immune system right now aside from proper sleep.

The aspect of vitamin D production in your skin from sun exposure is just one way that sunshine boosts your immune strength. There are other reasons too, such as how the sun improves your mood, serotonin, balances hormones and circadian rhythm, etc. It’s also important to note that getting vitamin D from sun exposure on your skin is thought to be significantly more beneficial for your immune system than supplemental vitamin D.
You will NOT catch coronavirus by breathing outdoor air. Being outdoors is 100% safe – but maintain safe, social distance by staying in your own yard!