Practice Comprehensive Health

Some people think about nutrition and exercise only, when they consider improvement in health. However, a more comprehensive approach is more beneficial and you will be able to see noticeable results quicker. The reason is simple: we are not just physical beings. There are different parts of the whole: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional etc. An improvement in one part affects the whole and it is equally true that when one part suffers or is neglected, its effects is seen on the entire being.

The best way to protect yourself against stress is to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in relation to the body as well as the mind. Maintaining good physical and mental health is within the reach of everyone.
Equilibrium – Maintaining Mental and Emotional Well-being – During and after COVID-19 is a Mental and Emotional Well-being Coaching Course. We need to take proactive steps to protect ourselves against the negative mental and emotional effects of COVID-19. Being prepared is the best protection against the stresses associated with Covid-19.

Among many global health, economic and societal disruptions, the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak has forced hundreds of millions to physically isolate. Combine that with extensive news coverage on the pandemic and an unknown future, and it’s no wonder that anxiety is on the rise. Global issues like this can feel incredibly overwhelming because there is so much uncertainty around it.
This Course will prepare you, mentally, for the road ahead.​